How to become an ISP in India? Wiber Broadband ISP Franchise

What is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and how to start ISP?

An Internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides Internet access to its subscribers using different distribution technologies like dial-up broadband, DSL, fiber optic or copper cable modem, Wireless or high-speed dedicated optical fibers.

It is easy to become isp in India if you are following the right business plan and have proper guidance.

The biggest challenge to set up an ISP business in India is not the capital investment required for the ISP license and ISP equipment. It is finding the right person to help you set up the ISP business and run it smoothly. We have the right ISP Setup Guide for you which will explain the step by step process to start an ISP Business.

Steps to become ISP in India:

ISP Business setup is easy if done step by step and our DIY ISP business plan helps you set up an ISP without any hassles.

Here are 7 simple steps to start your own ISP business:

  1. Research your area for ISP business opportunity
  2. Find the right ISP Consultant
  3. Research local laws and apply for an ISP license or get an ISP Franchise
  4. Find the right Hardware & Software
  5. Acquire ISP hardware, Bandwidth Management software, & bulk upstream bandwidth
  6. Deploy the network and start testing and marketing your ISP business
  7. Become ISP in India & Build customers by giving them quality service and support

Research your area for ISP business opportunity

The first step is to research your local market to find the opportunity. With the current market requirements, the internet has become a much-needed service in every household. You can easily do market research using a door to door campaign or an Online Campaign.

Find the right ISP Consultant

The second step requires the expertise of a good ISP Consultant who can help you plan the ISP Business setup properly and help you create a good ISP business plan.

Research local laws and apply for an ISP license or get an ISP Franchise

Setting up an ISP business in India requires the knowledge of the local laws and licensing information. Please read about the various types of ISP licenses available in India in the second half of this post. With our assistance, you can find the right path and get started without any bureaucratic delays.

Find the right hardware & Software

ISP business setup can go in the wrong direction if you do not choose the right hardware to run your ISP business in India. The right hardware can help offer higher speeds at the list mile and backed up by the right Software for Bandwidth Management, you can do the most efficient utilization of your upstream bandwidth. Our Consultants help you for both Hardware and Software selection so you can make the most of your investment.

Acquire ISP hardware, Bandwidth Management software, & bulk upstream bandwidth

Once you have finalized the right hardware and software for your ISP setup, we help you acquire it and also connect you to the best in class Upstream Bandwidth Providers in India. Wiber has Strategic tie-ups in place with Major Telecom Operators like Airtel, Tata Tele Services, Tata Communications, Power Grid Corporation, and many more for the best Upstream Bandwidth for your ISP business anywhere in India.

Deploy the network and start testing and marketing your ISP business

While you set up the hardware, software, and Upstream Bandwidth, in parallel, you need to deploy your network and start load testing it for your clients. Along with that you can keep marketing and generating leads via Social Media, News Paper, Word of Mouth, and any other advertisements medium you like for your Broadband Business setup.

Become ISP in India & Build customers by giving them Quality Service and Support

With all the above steps in place, you can become a successful ISP in India and set up a great customer base with quality broadband service and amazing support for your broadband Customers.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Internet Service Providers to become isp in India?

A company registered in India under the Companies Act, 1956 will be eligible to submit the proposal for providing Internet Service. Foreign equity shall be as per the Government prescribed policy and the guidelines for the same are issued from time to time.

There is no requirement for the ISP license applicant-company to have any prior experience in the field of Information Technology or Internet & Telecommunication Services.

If you are going with your own ISP license, the first step is to acquire an ISP (Internet Service Provider) License to run the business of Broadband in India. Any MSO or Company can apply to obtain the ISP License UL (Unified Licensing) System.

Unified License is given by the Department of Telecom (DoT) and is valid for 20 Years from the date license is signed.

Before you apply for an ISP license, you must decide the coverage are of the services you are going to offer.

Types of ISP Licenses in India:

You can choose from Three different ISP License categories.

Category A ISP

It is valid for PAN India and covers the entire Country in the ISP License Coverage.

Category B ISP

It is valid for an entire state.

Category C ISP

It covers one secondary switching area i.e. a small town, a village, a colony, or a district.

ISP License Fees

Apart from the Entry Fees, ISPs are required to submit a performance bank guarantee (PBG) as per their proposed service area of operation i.e.

Rs. 2 Crore for each Category ‘A’ Service Area,

Rs. 20 lakh for each Category ‘B’ Service Area and

Rs. 3 Lakh for each Category ‘C’ Service Area while applying for a license.


ISP’s will be free to fix their own tariff. The tariff will be left open to be decided by market forces. However, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) may review and fix a tariff at any time during the validity of the license which shall be binding on the Licensee.

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