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How to start an ISP in India? Internet Service Provider Consultant

A lot of people wanting to work in the ISP industry are looking for answers on “How to start an ISP in India?

Starting an ISP in India is easier than the consultants make you believe, but expanding the infrastructure and building an enterprise will need a lot of careful planning and efforts. Our team at Wiber.in is committed to helping Indian ISP’s and Network Operators not only save 30-40% on the initial investment but also to help you to kick-start your own ISP business anywhere in India and the World.

In this guide, we will provide you with information on how to start an ISP in India. Here’s how you can start an ISP in India with low investments.

become an isp

How to start an ISP in India?

  1. Plan your ISP business
  2. Research your local laws and apply for an ISP license
  3. Research on required hardware & software
  4. Get your ISP license or become an ISP franchise
  5. Purchase hardware, software and bulk upstream bandwidth
  6. Start advertising with brochures, banners, and free WiFi hotspots
  7. Acquire customers & give them quality service and support
  8. Become an ISP in India

You can also contact team Wiber if you need help with the entire setup.

What is needed for an ISP?

No matter you decide to work as an ISP franchise or get your own ISP License, an ISP Network will need the following:

  1. Dedicated NOC
  2. Dedicated Routers, Switches, Fiber OLT Modules and Specialist Network Engineers
  3. Good Quality Upstream Bandwidth
  4. Peering from Content Providers to provider faster access to common content
  5. ISP License or ISP Franchise

Now, let’s talk about this in detail.

Dedicated NOC

First of all, you need a Dedicated NOC or a Data Center to host your core router and switches. To start with, it can be a small room, however, with a raised floor as it will help you route the cables easily.

In other words, NOC (Network Operations Center) is the most important location for an ISP. It usually consists of a Raised Floor, UPS and Generator Backup.

The UPS and diesel power generators are needed for a situation when the city power is interrupted by a major power outage. For small setups, you can also start with a 1 kVA Inverter Backup. The HVAC units are only needed in large data centers to keep the data center cool because the equipment running the ISP’s network generates a lot of heat due to which the equipment can become damaged.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

You will need to Purchase, install and configure enterprise-grade routers, switches, and server computers. We do not recommend going the cheap route on the equipment else the customers will complain often about your ISP’s slow sleep. All of this equipment form the backbone of the ISP’s network and we should give it a good thought in order to make good long-term decisions. As per the latest research almost 60% of incumbent ISP’s end up using Mikrotik Routers if they only have few routes and loads to handle.

Upstream Bandwidth

Most of the ISP’s use more than 2 upstream bandwidth providers because it helps with speed, connectivity, and reliability.

You can buy 1:1 Bandwidth from Tata Communications, Reliance Com, Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular, Vodafone, PowerGrid etc. However, as you will not be a bulk customer at the start, you can contact Team Wiber to buy upstream bandwidth certainly at bulk pricing.

Peering in India

Peering your ISP with a content provider helps you to save a huge amount of Internet Bandwidth. Therefore, the best way is to Peer at an Internet exchange and Offload traffic. Team Wiber can help you with the same. We have already peered with most of the Internet Exchanges in India.

Get an ISP License or ISP Franchise in India

You need to have an ISP License in order to provide internet services in India. Most importantly, If you are just starting up, it can involve a lot of costs and delay your project significantly causing you to fall behind in the race of becoming the fastest ISP in your area. We strongly recommend getting an ISP franchise with the help of Team Wiber and start your ISP operations in no time.

Apply for an ISP franchise now.


Furthermore, we hope that this article is useful to those who are searching for answers on “How to start an ISP in India?” For those who want to become an Internet service provider in India and this guide will help you understand the steps required for your own ISP startup with the help of our team of experienced ISP consultants. This information based on the clients we have already helped become an ISP in small cities, big townships and small villages in India.

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