How to get ISP Franchise in India ?

Are you looking for an ISP franchise or a Wireless ISP Franchise?

WiBer, an initiative by GrayRum Solutions India and FiberClaw Broadband Services can help you start your own Wireless/Fiber ISP Business by becoming an ISP franchise. We are an A Category ISP Partner and can help you setup Internet Service Provider business virtually anywhere in India.

We are currently delivering internet connectivity to Households, SOHO (Small Office Home Office) as well as large organizations. Our operations are not limited to the Urban areas but we are reaching out in different Rural areas with a motto of “The Broadband People – Connecting Everyone”

Going above the old technologies like dial-up and DSL, we focus on Cables, Fiber Optics & Wireless Last Mile connectivity in order to offer the best in class services. By joining hands with us, we can provide you all the required support to lay down a great infrastructure which is not only great in performance but also future proof.

If you want to become your own ISP and serve your area and your community and earn profits at the same time, we are looking for you. Any company or individual can apply for a franchise and we can help you choose the right plan.

We do not offer low quality setup and solutions so if you are looking for a cheap ISP franchise provider, I am afraid you are at the wrong place. We only deal with the best & offer the best so our pricing structure can be different than others in the market.

Our trained and experienced ISP franchise consultants share their knowledge against the investment you are making with us. That will help you make proper growth and start making profits sooner rather than later. With our help you can minimize expenses and create a proper business plan to dominate the local market.

Why should you choose us as a Trusted ISP Franchise Partner ?

Here is a glimpse of what we can offer :

  • You can operate freely and decide your own price while reselling our services as an ISP Franchise. This will increase your profit margins and help you succeed in one of the fastest growing markets in India.
  • We are the fastest growing ISP setup consultancy in India with combined experience of over 15 years.
  • We do not restrict you to a delivery medium so you will have the freedom to decide if you want to become a Wireless ISP franchise or Fiber ISP Franchise or a mix of both. While wireless broadband franchise models can be successful in many areas, there still are a few places which will require cable or fiber broadband.
  • With our plan offerings, you can easily beat the heat of competition in your local market and offer high speed broadband at the prices you want.
  • You can get exclusive rights for your city with our flexible franchise model. You can also create sub franchise under you and increase your profit margins.
  • Generally to become an ISP franchise, one needs a hefty investment however if you join us, you can rest assured that your investment will be kept minimum.
  • As a new comer in this industry you will need basic understanding of the entire process to operate our ISP franchise. Our in depth training program will help you learn everything required to run and operate a successful broadband business.


Why is it the right time to invest in ISP Franchise Business ?

ISP (Internet Service Provider) business is one of the fastest growing industry in India at the moment. Due to the complex process and mismanagement of the Big Companies, people are leaning towards Local ISP operators as they want a quick service and better pricing. Our Franchise plans offer a tested and trusted process which you can rely upon and expand your business. Having tie-ups with the best players in the industry we are giving you a platform which you can grow upon and become a part of Digital India.

What are you waiting for ?

Go ahead and submit your application regarding ISP franchise below.

Apply for an ISP Franchise

22 thoughts on “How to get ISP Franchise in India ?”

  1. Amrut Battuwar


    Am interested in investing the money with WIBER to get the dealership of Wireless and Fiber Franchise in our town Ballarpur in Maharashtra.
    The demand for broadband internet is very huge in our town in and around our town which is located near Chandrapur.
    Except BSNL & Railnet there is no other internet facility in our town, and the demand with BSNL is such a huge that, if a person request for new connection then he will get the connectivity only after 3 to 4 months, and their support is very poor,
    Here in our town each and every house prefer to take the Internet connectivity,
    So it’s my decision to invest the amount in our town to get the dealership and to make profit out of it,
    Am looking forward to discuss the major points to start our own ISP franchise.
    Waiting for your reply.

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